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Swift County Highway Department

Welcome to the Highway Department section of the Swift County website. Our mission is to provide the residents of Swift County with a county road system that is safe, convenient and affordable. We value your input! If you have an issue you would like us to examine, please contact us.




Highway Department Building
P.O. Box 241
1635 Hoban Avenue
Benson, MN 56215  

Phone: (320) 842‑5251, Fax: (320) 843‑3543 

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Highway Department Services and Responsibilities:

The Highway Department has two main areas of responsibility, those re­lated to engineering and project management services and those related to highway maintenance services. The Department currently has 24 employees re­sponsible for 462 miles of roadways and 98 bridges.


Some specific duties within the department include the following:

  • Planning, designing, constructing, and inspecting all road and bridge projects.
  • Preparation of a 5‑year plan outlining proposed road and bridge projects
  • Acquisition of necessary permanent and temporary easements.
  • Administration of $2,000,000 annual County State Aid ac­counts.
  • Annual safety inspections of 55 township, 40 County, and 3 City bridges.
  • Providing County road maintenance, including ice and snow removal, on 224 miles of bituminous roads and 238 miles of gravel roads.
  • Maintenance of county road ditches for weed control and hydraulic conveyance.
  • Repairing and maintaining County vehicles and related equip­ment.
  • Repair and replacement for highway signage
  • Issuance of permits for wide loads, farm entrances and private work in County R/W