Federal Home Loan Bank

The Swift County HRA worked with Financial Security Bank to develop the Swift County Owner Occupied Rehabilitation Program for the past year, and has been a dedicated community partner and advocate for affordable housing. The focus of this grant is to serve low to moderate income, Veteran, elderly, and/or disabled populations. Learn more about the program below! 

Who Qualifies? 

  • Low to moderate income households 
  • Veterans 
  • Elderly and/or disabled populations 

Things to remember when applying: 

  • Not all work that homeowners want to be done, can always be done
  • Repairs correct health and safety problem, but they will not solve all problems 
  • Don't expect the house to be completely new after the work is done
  • All work shall be done by a licensed contractor, but due to things out of their control, work may not always be perfect when completed
  • It can be stressful living in a house while a contractor is performing work 
  • The program staff is not the contractor and cannot guarantee that homeowners will be satisfied with the work done by the contractors   

Income Guidelines 

Household Size 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Income Limit $51,350 $58,650 $66,000 $73,300 $79,200 $85,050 $90,900 $96,800