Small Cities Development Program (SCDP)

The Swift County HRA is currently working on Small Cities Development Program funds for the multiple cities throughout the county. These cities, and a number of homeowners being award funds are as follows: Appleton (18), Benson (20), DeGraff & Kerkhoven (15 awards combined with the cities of DeGraff & Kerkhoven) 

Swift County HRA will take applications for the program, inspect the home and coordinate the rehabilitation. Households that previously returned the intent to participate form and are already on the interested list, will be served first. A secondary list will be established for newly interested parties. Completed applications will be processed by date and time received basis. Only houses within the priority target area will be eligible. 

Program Guidelines 


  • You will need to complete an application for the program, which requires certification of income, property ownership, property insurance, and current taxes. 

Property Inspection

  • The property will be inspected by the Swift County HRA, who will work with you to determine what repairs must be done. Lead rules and regulation do apply. 

Work Write-Ups

  • The HRA staff will develop specification on what work is to be done and how the work should be done. They will prepare work write-ups for you to contact contractors of your choice to bid.

Applicants must meet the following eligibility requirements: 

Target area: Your home must be located within the city limits. 

Occupancy: The house to be improved must be your principal place of residency (owner occupied).

Real Estate Taxes/ Homeowner Insurance: You must be current with your real estate taxes and have current homeowners insurance. 

Ownership: You must have a qualifying property ownership of one of the following:

  • Proof of ownership must be recorded with the Swift County Land Records office 
  • Contract for deed: Sellers must be income eligible 
  • Life Estate: Remainderman must be income eligible 

Income: Your gross annual income must be within the set limits as follows:


Persons in Household